For me, Calabria means morality, not just a geographical area. Calabrese (Calabrian), metaphorically speaking, means Rupe, i.e. strong character. " Be more like a sturdy tower / that does not tremble in the fiercest wind."

Since 1968, thanks to his commitment and professionalism, Franco Giuseppe has gained the trust of the Contracting Authorities operating in the Calabria Region and, slowly, takes over important orders in various categories of works, including the construction of the port of Roccella Ionica (RC), ordered by the Region Calabria itself. In September 1993, the sole proprietorship Franco Giuseppe changed his form of legal organization, becoming S.R.L. (Limited Liability Company) with the name "FRANCO GIUSEPPE SRL", with legal and administrative headquarters in Roccella Ionica (RC), Via Sonnino 13, tax code 01290430808. Giuseppe's brother, Alfredo, graduated mathematics at the University of Messina and is a full professor of financial mathematics and physics at the Technical Commercial Institute in Siderno (RC), but in 1985 he resigned to involve himself to the administration of the company. Giuseppe's son, Ilario, after graduating in managerial engineering at the University of Bologna in December 2001, joined the company, starting training on construction sites, until he became the Chief executive of the company.

Giuseppe's daughter, Marianna, also joined the company in 2000 and worked with Alfredo in coordinating the Administration Department. The share capital is wholly owned by Franco Giuseppe with 55%, Franco Alfredo 30% and Franco Ilario 15%. Over the years, we have tried to have a futuristic vision and anticipate the times to come, investing in resources and equipment to compete in an increasingly complex market, such as public infrastructure. It was also decided to explore foreign markets and important works were taken over and executed in Romania and Bulgaria. In 2006 we decided to invest in project financing, focusing on tourist ports and we were awarded the works for the ports of Capo D’Orlando (Me) and Simeri Crichi (Cz). The first is now in an advanced stage of management, and the second is still in the design phase, but is considered an important possible commercial asset.

Our reality has its roots in Locride, in Calabria, a wonderful land, rich in culture, which gave the world important people, but which also has certain problems from a historical point of view, i.e. there is a high unemployment rate; the staff employed to work with us have great enthusiasm and show a sense of community; they are the ones who resist the temptation to leave, to abandon their homeland, they don’t collapse in front of difficulties, but are committed to create a reality that brings honor to the Calabrian territory.