Our works

We have been operating in the public works sector for over 60 years and we have built important infrastructures both in Italy and abroad, from road works to maritime and hydraulic works. The challenges do not scare us, but stimulate us! Click next to see some of our works.


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Our policy

We are not the strongest or the smartest, but we are always ready for change and this is our strength, it is what has helped us move forward for over 60 years. We continuously invest in research and development, in human resources and in new technologies that allow us to act respecting the environment, ensure the safety of workers and a high level of quality in what we build.


Geom. Giuseppe Franco


Ing. Ilario Franco

(Chief executive)

Prof. Alfredo Franco

(Head of Administration)

Sig.ra Marianna Franco

(Deputy Director of Administration)

Sig. Gyorgyo Florin Pop

(general Manager of the Romanian Headquarters)

Ing. Antonio Salvatore Trifoli

(Technical Manager )

Rag. Giancarlo Romeo

(Head of Personnel)

Dott.ssa Elisa Curiale

(Auction Office Manager)

Sig. Domenico Vozzo

(Respon. Administrative Management of Means )

Rag. Nicola Santostefano

(Purchasing Department Manager)

Dott.Comm. Paolo Siciliano

(Accounting Office Manager)

Sig. Davide Fiorenza

(Responsible for Means and Equipment)

P.I. Davide Iannuzzi

(Production Facilities / Equipment Manager)

Ing. Bruno Murace

(Sales representative)

Ing. Cosimo Salvatore Ierinò

(Sales Controller)

Geom. Antonio Ceravolo

(Site Manager)

Geom. Giampiero Curiale

(Site Manager)

Geom. Vittorio Saverio Cagliuso

(Site Manager)

Geom. Giuseppe Maranto

(Site Manager)

Geom. Antonio Palazzo

(Site Manager)

Geom. Raffaele Fragomeni

(Site Manager)

P.I.C.T Nicola Frammartino


T.I.E.E. Sandro Flamingo

(Elettrical system)

Ing. Federico Lia